Little Bits of History

03 March Topics

March 1: Peace Corps – In 1961, the Peace Corps was formed.
Saint David – In 589, St. David of Wales died.
Salem Witch Trials Begin – In 1692, the mass hysteria known as the Salem Witch Trials started.
The Buckeye State – In 1803, Ohio became a state, but it took until 1953 for it to be official.
Time is Flexible – In 1700, a Swedish calendar went live.
Wives Wanted – In 752 BC, the Rape of the Sabines took place.
1872 – Yellowstone National Park was established.

March 2: The Beatles – In 1963, The Beatles released their first LP.
We Got Your Number – In 1925, the Joint Board on Interstate Highways was formed.
Barings Bank Collapse – In 1995, Nick Leeson was arrested for fraud in connection with the bank’s collapse.
Women Only – In 1903, the Martha Washington Hotel opened.
Poetry Was Very Important – In 1882, a poet attempted to assassinate Queen Victoria.
Mars and Venus – In 1717, the first British ballet was presented.
1791 – The semaphore was first demonstrated.

March 3: Vincent van Gogh – In 1853, Vincent van Gogh was born.
Football – No, Soccer – In 1891, the Penalty Spot Kick was created.
Comstock Law – In 1873, The Comstock Law was enacted in the US.
Panic – In 1943, 173 people were killed at Bethnal Green during a bombing raid over London.
Give it Away – In 1910, JD Rockefeller, Jr. retired.
Time Is On Our Side – In 1923, TIME magazine hit the stands.
1776 – The Battle of Nassau began.

March 4: I’ll Drink to That – In 1634, the first tavern opened in the American colonies – in Boston.
Three Ships Go Sailing – In 1493, Columbus’s ship returned to Lisbon, Portugal.
Collingwood School Fire – In 1908, the Collinwood school fire occurred.
France – In 1790, France was divided into 83 departments.
Forth Rail Bridge – In 1890, the bridge opened.
Lost at Sea – In 1918, the USS Cyclops left Barbados never to be seen again.
1933 – Frances Perkins became US Secretary of Labor.

March 5: The Royal Italian Opera – In 1856, the Royal Italian Opera house burned to the ground.
Stick ‘Em Up – In 1836, Samuel Colt developed a new type of gun.
Boston Massacre – In 1770, five men were killed during a riot in Boston.
Iron Curtain – In 1946, Winston Churchill first publicly used the term “Iron Curtain”.
Venera 14 is From Venus – In 1982, the Soviet probe landed on Venus.
Stop! Safely – In 1872, George Westinghouse patented a new braking system.
1046 – Nasir Khusraw began his trip.

March 6: Edgar Allan Poe – In 1831, Poe was expelled from West Point.
Missouri Compromise – In 1820, the Missouri Compromise was signed into law.
Remember the Alamo – In 1836, the Alamo fell.
Aches and Pains – In 1899, aspirin was patented.
Inspirational Americana – In 1943, Norman Rockwell’s painting was published.
The 42 Martyrs of Amorium – In 845, the martyrs were killed.
1869 – The chemical periodic table was introduced.

March 7: Gilbert and Sullivan – In 1896, The Grand Duke opened at the Savoy Theatre. The last G&S work.
One Ringy-Dingy – In 1876, Bell received a patent for his telephone.
Shrigley Abduction – In 1827, Ellen Turner was kidnapped.
Phyllis Diller – In 1955, the star began an 87 week run at The Purple Onion.
Bloody Sunday – In 1965, peaceful marchers were met with violence.
Unconquered Sun – In 321, Constantine made Sunday a holy day.
1277 – The Parisian Condemnations were issued.

March 8: Galaxies – In 1934, a picture from the Hubble telescope showed galaxies as numerous as the stars in the Milky Way.
Georgia – In 1957, the Georgia Memorial to Congress was adopted.
New York Going to the Dogs – In 1894, the first US pet license law went into effect.
Vietnam – In 1965, 3,500 US Marines were deployed to South Vietnam.
Integrity Protecting the Works of Man – In 1817, the New York Stock Exchange was founded.
Challenging Stereotypes – In 1910, France issued a pilot’s license to a woman.
1971 – Frazier and Ali met at Madison Square Garden.

March 9: Glamour Doll – In 1959, Barbie was shown at the American International Toy Fair.
Jean Calas – In 1765, Jean Calas was exonerated, three years after his death.
Ride, Sally, Ride – In 1964, the first Ford Mustang was built.
Teeth – In 1822, a patent for artificial teeth was granted to Charles M. Graham.
True Love – In 1796, Napoleon married Josephine.
Disaster on the Mountaintop – In 1976, an Italian cable car fell to earth.
1977 – The Hanafi siege began.

March 10: Slavery – In 1910, China (theoretically) ended slavery.
Never Surrender – In 1831, the French Foreign Legion was created.
The Odd Couple – In 1965, Neil Simon’s play, The Odd Couple, opened.
Coal Explosion – In 1906, Europe experienced their worst coal mine accident.
Punic Wars, Part I – In 241 BC, the Battle of the Aegates Islands was fought.
Jealousy Is Not Good For Your Health – In 1980, Herman Tarnower was murdered.
1848 – The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was ratified.

March 11: Freedom of the Press? – In 1702, England got its first daily newspaper, The Daily Courant.
Great Sheffield Flood – In 1864, the South Yorkshire, England region was flooded after a dam failed.
LAX – In 1882, the Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association was formed.
Roxy Theater – In 1927, the Roxy Theater opened in New York City.
Death and More Death – In 1946, Rudolf Hoss was arrested.
Great Blizzard of 1888 – In 1888, the snow began to fall – and blow.
1818 – Mary Shelley published her most famous work.

March 12: Fireside Chats – In 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt gave his first Fireside Chat.
Cookie Monster – In 1912, the Girl Scouts of America was founded.
Thing Go Better with Coke – In 1894, Coke was invented.
Attempted Murder in Oz – In 1868, an attempt was made on Prince Alfred’s life.
Water, Water Everywhere – In 1928, the St. Francis Dam failed.
Georgios Averof – In 1910, the Greek ship was launched.
2009 – Bernie Madoff placed a guilty plea.

March 13: The Talkies – In 1923, Lee de Forest demonstrated his process to record voices synchronized with film.
Microsoft IPO – In 1986, Microsoft had its Initial Public Offering.
Ballinglass Incident – In 1846, three hundred tenant farmers were evicted.
Dunblane Massacre – In 1996, a gunman entered the Dunblane Primary School with guns blazing.
Kitty Genovese – In 1964, Kitty was attacked and murdered.
Good Lord – In 1809, Lord Byron took his seat in the House of Lords.
1988 – The Seikan Tunnel opened.

March 14: Cotton is King – In 1794, Eli Whitney was granted a patent for the cotton gin.
PCN – In 1942, Penicillin was first used on a patient.
Roughest and Toughest – In 1950, the FBI instituted the Ten Most Wanted list.
Cut That Out – In 1937, the Mit Brennender Sorge was read at Catholic Masses in Germany.
Oil, Oil Everywhere – In 1910, the Lakeview Gusher Number One went out of control.
Sold to the Highest … Bidder? – In 1489, the rule of Cyprus changed hands.
2015 – Best Pi Day ever.

March 15: Voting Booths – In 1892, Myers Voting Booths were introduced in New York.
Ides of March – In 44 BC, Julius Caesar was assassinated.
The Ashes – In 1877, the first Test Cricket Match between England and Australia began.
Dot Com – In 1985, the first Internet domain name was registered.
Too Special Effects – In 1931, the SS Viking exploded.
High Rollers – In 1906, Rolls-Royce was founded.
1856 – My Fair Lady premiered.

March 16: Wanting to Win – In 1994, Tonya Harding pled guilty to interfering with an investigation into the Nancy Karrigan attack.
Army Corps of Engineers – In 1802, the Military Peace Establishment Act became law.
Rain, Rain Go Away – In 1952, a record rainfall hit Cilaos, Rèunion.
Aldo Moro – In 1978, the Italian politician was kidnapped.
Space Age Booster – In 1926, Robert Goddard launched a rocket.
Better Late Than Never – In 1995, Mississippi finally ratified the Thirteenth Amendment abolishing slavery.
597 BC – Nebuchadnezzar captured Jerusalem.

March 17: Wearing of the Green – In 493 or 461, St. Patrick died.
Golda – In 1969, Golda Meir became the Prime Minister of Israel.
Rubber Bands – In 1845, rubber bands were first patented.
Air Force One – Not – In 1957, a plane crashed in the Philippines.
Not Very Utopian – In 1891, the SS Utopia sunk.
National Gallery of Art – In 1941, the gallery was officially accepted by the POTUS.
1337 – Edward became Duke of Cornwall.

March 18: New London, Texas – In 1937, a school explosion took place in Texas.
Jacques Trumped – In 1314, Jacques de Molay was burned at the stake.
Tri-State Tornado – In 1925, a destructive tornado traveled across three states.
We’ve Got the Power – In 1937, a pedal craft flew the distance.
Martyrs to the Cause – In 1834, the Tolpuddle Martyrs were sentenced.
Conspiracy of 1741 – In 1741, the New York governor’s house caught fire.
1850 – American Express was founded.

March 19: Avalanche – In 1775, four people were buried in an avalanche and three survived 37 days.
PTL Club – In 1987, Jim Bakker resigned as chairman of his PTL ministry.
And the Winner Is … – In 1953, the Oscars were televised for the first time.
Rack ‘Em Up – In 1954, Willie Mosconi ran the table, for 526 balls.
Tired of Looking – In 1687, La Salle was murdered.
Not Fast Enough – In 1863, the SS Georgiana sunk.
1649 – The British House of Lords was abolished.

March 20: Shoes – In 1885, Jan Matzeliger patented a shoe lasting machine.
Martha Place – In 1899, Martha was the first woman to be executed via the electric chair.
Iditarod Winner – In  1985, the first woman won the Iditarod.
Blue, Lots of Blue – In 1922, the US launched the first aircraft carrier.
Pusha da Button! – In 1933, Giuseppe Zangara was executed.
Sarin Attack – In 1995, Tokyo’s subways were filled with poison gas.
1852 Uncle Tom’s Cabin was published.

March 21: Who shot JR? – In 1980, the cliffhanger ending to the season for Dallas was shown.
Think Outside the Bun – In 1962, Taco Bell opened for business.
I Dig Rock and Roll – In 1952, the first Moondog Coronation Ball was held.
Equality – In 1960, the Sharpeville massacre took place.
Brownies – In 1961, Art Modell bought the Cleveland Browns.
Man In Motion World Tour – In 1985, Rick Hansen began his trip.
1931 – The Great Dayton Flood began.

March 22: Laser – In 1960, the laser was patented.
Hockey is Rough – In 1989, Clint Malarchuk was hurt during a hockey game.
Flying Wallendas – In 1978, Karl Wallenda died from a fall.
Preschool Predicament – In 1984, the McMartin Preschool indictments were brought.
Elite Golf – In 1934, the first Augusta National Invitational Tournament was held.
Jasper Doesn’t Have the Same Panache – In 1784, the Emerald Buddha was moved.
1871 – William Holden was removed from office.

March 23: The Man Who Would Be Pope – In 752, Pope Stephen was elected but he died before taking his seat.
Safety First – In 1857, Elisha Otis installed his first passenger elevator.
Patrick Henry – In 1775, Patrick Henry spoke to the Virginia House of Burgesses.
Row, Row, Row your Boat – In 1889, the free Woolwich Ferry began service.
Circumvention – In 1896, The Raines Law was passed.
Cold Fusion – In 1989, cold fusion was announced at a press conference.
1540 – Waltham Abbey was dissolved.

March 24: Alaska Mess – In 1989, the Exxon Valdez ran aground and began to spill oil.
Cruising – In 1898, the first American built automobile was purchased.
Metropolitan Life – In 1868, the insurance company was formed.
Beating a Killer – In 1882, Robert Koch announced the cause of TB.
You’re in the Army Now – In 1958, Elvis Presley was inducted into the US Army.
Tarred and Feathered – In 1832, Joseph Smith was run out of town.
1921 – The first Women’s Olympiad began.

March 25: On Your Marks – In 1668, the first horse race was run in the American colonies.
Titan Discovered – In 1655, Christiaan Huygens discovered one of Saturn’s moons.
First Passenger Train – In 1807, the Oystermouth Railway began service.
Jobs – In 1894, Coxey’s Army began their march on Washington, D.C.
Richard the Lionheart – In 1199, Richard I of England was shot.
Venice – In 421, the city was founded.
1911 – The Triangle Shisrtwaist Factory burned.

March 26: Stella! – In 1911, Tennessee Williams was born.
Cruising Legally – In 1934, Britain began testing drivers.
Dr. Death – In 1999, Dr. Kevorkian was found guilty of second degree murder.
Mother Ship – In 1997, the Heaven’s Gate suicides were discovered.
Inspired Writing – In 1830, the Book of Mormon was published.
Aesop’s Fables in English – In 1484, the famous fables were first printed in English.
1945 – The Battle of Iwo Jima ended.

March 27: Long Distance Communication – In 1899, the first international radio communication occurred.
Tenerife Disaster – In 1977, the worst aviation disaster took place at Tenerife.
Earthquake – In 1964, Alaska was struck by a powerful earthquake.
Little Blue Pill – In 1998, Viagra was approved by the FDA.
Get it Together – In 1790, the shoe lace and holes was perfected.
Goliad Massacre – In 1836, the massacre took place.
1884 – The Cincinnati riot began.

March 28: Ragnar, the Viking – In 845, Ragnar sacked Paris.
Tornado Outbreak – In 1920, a series of devastating tornadoes swept the US.
Three Mile Island – In 1979, a partial nuclear meltdown began in Pennsylvania.
He Changed the Way We Live – In 1897, Victor Mills was born.
Majestic Theatre – In 1927, the theater opened in New York City.
Valletta – In 1566, the city’s cornerstone was laid.
1910 – The Fabre Hydravion flew.

March 29: Rationing – In 1948, rationing of items increased to include more food products.
Ice Jam – In 1848, the Falls at Niagara stopped flowing.
Vesta – In 1807, Vesta was discovered.
New Sweden – In 1638, the first Swedish colony was established in the New World.
Knights – In 1882, the Knights of Columbus was formed.
Young Love – In 1683, Oshichi was executed.
1974 – The first flyby of Mercury took place.

March 30: Pencil plus – In 1858, erasers were added to pencils.
Seward’s Folly – In 1867, the US purchased Alaska from Russia.
It’s a Knock Out – In 1842, a general anesthetic was first used for surgery.
Underground – In 1954, Toronto’s Yonge Street subway opened.
Fifteen – In 1870, the Fifteenth Amendment to the US Constitution was adopted.
Please Be Sure It Is in the Form of a Question – In 1964, Jeopardy! first aired.
1909 – The Queensboro Bridge opened.

March 31: Equality – In 1886, Abigail Adams asked her husband to include women as voting adults.
How TALL Are You? – In 1889, the world’s tallest structure was inaugurated.
Spring Forward – Fall Back – In 1918, DST was first used in the US.
Virgin Territory – In 1917, the US took possession of the Virgin Islands.
The Bangorian Controversy – In 1717, Benjamin Hoadly delivered a controversial sermon.
Out! – In 1492, Muslims were evicted from lands controlled by Ferdinand and Isabella.
1913 – The Skandalconzert took place.

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  1. Anonymous said, on March 12, 2014 at 12:41 pm

    VanGogh was born 3/30, not 3/3

    • patriciahysell said, on March 13, 2014 at 7:01 am

      You are correct, but there is nothing I can actually do about the error now.

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