Little Bits of History

07 July Topics

July 1: Four Score and Seven Years Ago – In 1861, the Battle of Gettysburg began.
Can I Get a Witness? – In 1879, The Watchtower was first published.
Russians Reading – In 1862, the Russian State Library was founded.
Close Call – In 1770, Lexell’s Comet missed Earth.
Justice – In 1870, the US Department of Justice was created.
And So It Begins – In 1874, a typewriter first went on sale.
1643 –  The Westminster Assembly of Divines first met.

July 2: We Believe Good … Works – In 1962, the first Wal-Mart opened.
Did He See It Coming? – In 1566, Nostradamus died.
Lawnchair Larry – In 1982, Larry Walters flew a lawn chair into history.
Mighty Mississippi – In 1679, Daniel Graysolon, Sieur Du Luth reached the headwaters of the Mississippi River.
Lighter Than Air – In 1900, Zeppelin’s contraption flew.
Delusions of Grandeur – In 1881, Charles Guiteau went on a shooting spree.
1816 – The French frigate Méduse ran aground.

July 3: Lady of the Harbor – In 1986, the Statue of Liberty’s newly designed torch was lit.
Great Auks – In 1844, the last two Great Auks were killed.
Speed Record – In 1938, the Mallard steam locomotive reached 126 mph.
Great Reunion of 1913 – In 1913, survivors of the Battle of Gettysburg met there to reenact the events of the battle.
New-Fangled Printing – In 1886, a Linotype machine was first used.
King of the Franks – In 987, Hugh Capet became king.
1969 – The USSR launched 5L-Zond L1S-2.

July 4: I’m Late! I’m Late! – In 1862, Alice Liddell heard a funny story.
Tuskegee – In 1881, Tuskegee Institute opened.
International Date Line – In 1892, Samoa adjusted the International Date Line.
Clinton’s Ditch – In 1817, construction on the Erie Canal began.
The Mona Lisa of Poetry – In 1855, Leaves of Grass was first published.
My Country America – In 1831, Samuel Smith’s song was first performed.
1054 – A “guest star” was first noticed in China. I

July 5: Salvation Army – In 1865, William Booth founded The Christian Mission, later to become The Salvation Army.
SPAM – In 1937, Hormel introduced SPAM.
Principia – In 1687, Newton first published his masterpiece.
Ooh La La – In 1946, new swimwear was revealed (and revealing).
Who is a Jew? – In 1950, the Law of Return was passed.
Tennis, Anyone? – In 1975, Arthur Ashe took a new title.
1915: The US Liberty Bell left Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

July 6: The Greatest Show on Earth – In 1944, the Hartford Circus Fire killed over 100 attendees at the circus.
Dirigible – In 1919, the first east to west Atlantic crossing in an airship successfully concluded.
Rabidly Scientific – In 1885, Louis Pasteur began the first series of rabies shots.
Homestead Strike – In 1892, violence broke out during the strike.
Piper Alpha – In 1988, the oil platform exploded.
Protection – In 1348, Pope Clement VI issued a protective order.
1865 – The Nation’s first issue hit newsstands.

July 7: He Never Said “Elementary” – In 1930, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle died of a heart attack.
Peace Activist – In 1983, Samantha Smith visited Moscow.
Boulder Dam – In 1930, construction began at what is now called Hoover Dam.
All Gone – In 2006, the Western Black Rhino was declared extinct.
Foolish? – In 1907, the Ziefgeld Follies were first shown.
Greatest Thing Ever – In 1928, sliced bread became a thing.
1946 – The prototype XF-11 reconnaissance aircraft crashed.

July 8: The Wall Street Journal – In 1889, The Wall Street Journal began publication.
Con Man – In 1898, Soapy Smith was gunned down.
Bear Market – In 1932, the markets hit their lowest point during the Great Depression.
Our Lady of Kazan – In 1579, an iconic painting was discovered.
The End – In 2011, the Space Shuttle program was retired.
What a Tangled Web – In 1947, a press release came out of Roswell Army Air Field.
1932 – The Dow Jones Industrial Average reached its lowest point in the Great Depression.

July 9: Good Lovin’ – In 1995, The Grateful Dead performed together for the last time.
Up in Smoke – In 1878, a patent was granted for the making of a corncob pipe.
Ape Man – In 1922, Johnny Weissmuller broke the minute barrier for the 100 meter freestyle.
The Great Train Wreck of 1918 – In 1918, two trains collided near Nashville, Tennessee.
No Nukes – In 1955, the Russell-Einstein Manifesto was released in London.
Hunters – In 1979, a car bomb exploded.
1850 – US President Zachary Taylor died in office.

July 10: London Bridge is Falling Down – In 1212, one of London’s “Great Fires” began on London Bridge.
Tsunami – In 1958, a 1,724 foot high tsunami struck in Alaska.
Death Valley –  In 1913, the highest temperature was recorded in the Western Hemisphere.
Carolyn Keene? – In 1905, Mildred Augustine was born.
Not at All Peaceful – In 1985, the Rainbow Warrior was sunk.
Vellore Mutiny – In 1806, the sepoys mutinied.
1966 – The Chicago Freedom Movement held a rally at Soldier Field.

July 11: Terracotta Army – In 1975, the Terracotta Army was discovered.
Skylab – In 1979, Skylab disintegrated.
Pistols at Dawn – In 1804, the Hamilton-Burr duel took place.
Culture – In 1893, Mikimoto Kokochi created a cultured pearl.
Poor Planning – In 1897, a hot air balloon took off in search of the North Pole.
Sailing the Ocean Blue – In 1405 Zheng He was given charge of the Chinese fleet.
1801 – Jean-Louis Pons discovered his first comet.

July 12: Magic Screen – In 1960, Etch-A-Sketch arrived in stores.
Miners – In 1917, the Bisbee Deportation took place.
Money Issues – In 1933, the US passed her first minimum wage law.
Whoops – In 1979, Disco Demolition Night was a fiasco.
Moors Murders – In 1963, Pauline Reade was killed.
Big History – In 1493, the Book Of Chronicles was first published (in Latin).
1943 –  The Battle of Prokhorovka was fought.

July 13: You’re Out – In 1978, Lee Iacocca was fired from Ford.
Hollywood – In 1923, the HOLLYWOOD sign was dedicated.
Pop Goes the Weasel – In 1812, New York City passed its first pawnbroker ordinance.
Cubed – In 1944, Erno Rubik was born.
When the Lights Went Out – In 1977, New York City lost power.
Avoiding the Draft – In 1863, the New York City draft riots began.
1490 –  Holy Trinity Church was painted.

July 14: That’s Cool – In 1850, Dr. John Gorrie demonstrated the first air conditioner.
Darien Scheme – In 1698, Scotland tried colonizing in the Americas.
Richard Speck – In 1966, Speck went on a killing spree.
Alta, California – In 1771, a new mission was established.
Big Money – In 1969, large denomination bills were removed from circulation.
Out of This World Photography – In 1965, photos of Mars were seen on Earth.
1789 – The Bastille was stormed.

July 15: What Does it Say? – In 1799, the Rosetta Stone was discovered.
Vast Wasteland – In 1976, the term “couch potato” was first used.
Pacific Aero Products – In 1916, the company that would become Boeing was incorporated.
Mozilla – In 2003, the Mozilla Foundation was established.
Forgotten – In 1910, Alzheimer’s disease was first described.
Treason and Heresy – In 1381, John Ball was executed.
2006 – Twitter launched.

July 16: Phony – In 1951, The Catcher in the Rye was published.
Calendars – In 622, the Islamic calendar began.
No Kissing – In 1451, King Henry VI banned kissing.
Lovely Rita – In 1935, the first parking meter was unveiled.
Hijacked – In 1948, a plane was hijacked.
Whack, Whack … – In 1941, Joe DiMaggio set a new baseball record.
1769 – San Diego was founded.

July 17: Whoops! – In 1939, Douglas Corrigan took off in the wrong direction.
M-I-C-K-E-Y – In 1955, Disneyland opened in Anaheim, California.
Five and Dime – In 1997, Woolworth closed.
Martyrs of Compiegne – In 1794, sixteen women were killed as the Reign of Terror was winding down.
RMS Carpathia – In 1918, the ship sunk.
Water Music – In 1717, George Handles Water Music was first performed.
1981 – The Hyatt Regency Kansas City collapse.

July 18: Perfect – In 1976, Nadia Comaneci received the first perfect score at the Olympics.|
Manifesto – In 1925, Hitler’s Mein Kampf was published.
Nero Fiddles? – In 64 AD, Rome burned.
Dent Blanche – In 1862, the mountain was first scaled.
Mary Jo Kopechne – In 1969, Mary Jo did not survive Ted Kennedy’s drive into the water.
257 Shots – In 1984, the San Ysidro McDonald’s was the site of a killing spree.
1290 – King Edward I of England issued the Edict of Expulsion.

July 19: Tennis, Anyone? – In 1877, Wimbledon championships were first held.
SS Great Britain – In 1843, the largest sailing vessel in the world was launched.
First Teacher – In 1985, Christa McAuliffe was selected to be the first teacher in space.
Raining Rocks – In 1912, Holbrook, AZ was pelted with the fall out of an exploded meteorite.
Three All Alone – In 1909, the first triple play was made by Neal Ball.
Rome Burns – In 64, the city caught on fire.
1845 – The Great New York City Fire began.

July 20: One Small Step – In 1969, Neil Armstrong stepped out of the Eagle and walked on the moon.
Dethroned – In 1984, Vanessa Williams was asked to step down as Miss America.
Women’s Army Corps – In 1942, the Women’s Army Corps began training.
Special – In 1968, the first Special Olympics were held.
Alexander the Great – In 356 BC, the conqueror was born.
Operation Valkyrie – In 1944, Hitler was not killed.
1940 – The Arroyo Seco Parkway opened.

July 21: Brrrrrrr – In 1983, the coldest recorded temperature was captured at Vostok Station.
Destruction – In 356 BC, the Temple of Artemis was destroyed.
Wild Bill Hickok – In 1865, the first shoot out in the wild west took place.
Constitutional – In 1997, the USS Constitution went back out to sea.
James Gang – In 1873, the first successful train robbery was committed by the James Gang.
A Sign – in 365, a tsunami hit Crete.
905 – King Louis III was blinded.

July 22: Public Enemy #1 – In 1934, John Dillinger met his end – maybe.
Cleaveland – In 1796, Cleveland, Ohio was named for the leader of the surveying party.
Falkirk – In 1298, the Battle of Falkirk took place.
And They’re Off – In 1894, the first motorized vehicle race was held.
Trailblazer – In 1793, Alexander Mackenzie finished the first transcontinental crossing of Canada.
Wily Pilot – In 1933, Wiley Post completed a trip around the world.
1983 –  Martial law was lifted in Poland.

July 23: “Wanna see something really scary?” – In 1983, Vic Morrow and two children were killed on the set of Twilight Zone: The Movie.
World War I – In 1914, Serbia ignored an ultimatum from Austria- Hungary.
Like Riding on Air – In 1888, John Dunlap patented a new tire.
Telstar – In 1962, the first live transatlantic TV program was broadcast.
Reprisal – In 1943, a bizarre revenge killing took place.
Great Landing – In 1983, a plane landed at Gimli Air Force base.
1829 – A typewriter patent was granted.

July 24: The Manly Peak – In 1911, Machu Picchu was found – again.
Tennessee – In 1866, the first seceded state was admitted back to the Union.
Oh, Henry – In 1901, William Porter was released from prison.
Eastland – In 1915, the SS Eastland capsized.
Promised Land – In 1847, Brigham Young and his followers arrived in Salt Lake Valley.
Cold War Competition – In 1959, the Kitchen Debate took place.
1927 – The Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing was unveiled.

July 25: Oh Joy! Louise – In 1978, Louise Joy Brown was born.
TP – in 1871, a patent was granted for perforated toilet paper.
Free Press – In 1925, TASS was established.
SS Andrea Doria – In 1956, the ship was struck out at sea.
“Temporary” Tax – In 1917, Canada got a new income tax.
Battle of Molinella – In 1467, the battle took place.
315 – The Arch of Constantine officially opened.

July 26: The Polite Bandit – In 1875, a strange, but polite, man committed his first robbery.
First Railway – In 1803, Surrey Iron Railway opened.
As the Worm Turns – In 1989, Robert Morris was indicted.
Feebs – In 1908, the FBI was formed.
And the Rains Came – In 2005, Mumbai flooded.
Esperanto – In 1887, Unua Libro was published.
1953 – The Short Creek Raid took place.

July 27: What’s up Doc? – In 1940, Bugs Bunny made it to the silver screen.
Reign of Terror – In 1794, Maximilien Robespierre was arrested.
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes – In 1586, Sir Walter Raleigh brought tobacco to England.
Olympic Bomb – In 1996, a bomb went off at the Atlanta Summer Olympics.
Bank of England – In 1694, the bank was established.
Vincent van Gogh – In 1890, the artist was shot.
1816 – The Battle of Negro Fort was fought.

July 28: Dusting for Prints – In 1858, fingerprints were first used – sorta.
Motormouth – In 1958, Lord Jellico spoke for the first time in 19 years.
Plane Flies into Building in New York – In 1945, the Empire State Building was hit by a plane.
B-17 Flying Fortress – In 1935, a test flight for the WWII bomber was made.
In the Stars – In 1855, the USS Constellation was commissioned.
Children’s Author – In 1866, Beatrix Potter was born.
1866 –  Lavinia (Vinnie) Ream received a commission.

July 29: Arc de Triomphe – In 1836, the Arc de Triomphe was inaugurated.
Irish Unrest – In 1848, the English put down a revolt by the Irish at Tipperary.
I Spy – In 1864, Isabella Boyd was captured.
USS Forrestal – In 1967, a fire broke out on the aircraft carrier.
First Hague Convention – In 1899, the first convention was signed.
IAEA – In 1957, the Atomic Energy agency was formed.
1976 – Donna Lauria, 18, was killed.

July 30: Where Did He Go? – In 1975, Jimmy Hoffa disappeared.
Follow the Money – In 2002, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was signed into law.
Exterminated – In 2003, the last old style Volkswagen Beetle rolled off the assembly line.
House of Burgesses – In 1619, the legislative body first convened.
Grand Combin – In 1859, the Swiss mountain was first climbed.
Stormy Weather – In 1865, SS Brother Jonathan sunk in a storm.
762 – The first brick in the building of Baghdad was laid.

July 31: Mount Fuji – In 781, Mount Fuji erupted for the first time in recorded history.
Who Knows? – In 1930, The Shadow came to radio.
First US Patent – In 1790, the first US patent was granted.
All Wet All-Stars – In 1961, the baseball game ended in a tie.
Daniel Defoe – In 1703, the author was placed in the pillory.
Successful Crash – In 1964, Ranger 7 crashed on the moon.
1715 – The Spanish Treasure Fleet ran into a hurricane.

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