Little Bits of History

11 November Topics

November 1: Michigan’s Bridge – In 1957, Mackinac Bridge opened.
Saint Nick – In 1894, Tsar Nicholas II began his reign.
When Harry Met Oscar (and Griselio) – In 1950, President Truman survived an assassination attempt.
A Little Learning – In 1886, Ananda College was founded.
Tsunami Destroyed Lisbon –  In 1755, Lisbon was nearly destroyed.
Twisted Terrifying Trip – In 1520, Ferdinand Magellan’s ships began their journey around the tip of South America.

November 2: Mo Ri Xon– In 1965, Norman Morrison lit himself on fire in front of the Pentagon as a war protest.
Rah Rah – In 1898, organized cheerleading began.
North and South Dakota – In 1889, the two states were added to the Union.
Is That Your Final Answer? – In 1959, Charles Van Doren testified to Congress.
Haile Selassie – In 1930, he took the Ethiopian throne.
Late and Over Budget – In 1947, H-4 Hercules made its maiden flight.

November 3: Greensboro Massacre – In 1979, violence broke out in Greensboro, North Carolina.
It’s a Dog’s Life – In 1957, the Soviets sent a dog into outer space.
Last Public Hanging – In 1783, Tyburn public hangings ceased.
Fashoda Incident – In 1898, the Fashoda Incident ended.
Godzilla – In 1954, the first Godzilla movie was released.
Self Actualization – In 1793, Olympe de Gouges died.

November 4: Symbolism – In 1899, Sigmund Freud published The Interpretation of Dreams in Germany.
Chartists – In 1839, the Newport Uprising ended in bloodshed.
Erie Canal – In 1825, the “Wedding of the Waters” took place.
Nighty Night – In 1847, chloroform’s anesthetic properties were discovered.
Pharaoh Tutankhamen – In 1922, King Tut’s tomb was found.
Rising Waters – In 1966, the Arno River overflowed.

November 5: Buying and Selling – In 1935, the board game Monopoly first went on sale.
Big History – In 1885, Will Durant was born.
Flight First – In 1911, the first US transcontinental flight ended.
Ace of Spies – In 1925, Sydney Reilly died.
Under Pressure – In 1983, the Byford Dolphin accident took place.
Guy Fawkes – In 1605, he was captured.

November 6: The Most Reverend John Carroll – In 1789, the US gets her first Roman Catholic Bishop.
Hurricane – In 1935, the Hawker Hurricane was first flown.
Mr. President – In 1861, Jefferson Davis was elected President of the CSA.
George? – In 1856, an anonymously published book was submitted.
Bad Boys – In 1928, Arnold Rothstein died.
Green March – In 1975, the march began in Morocco.

November 7: Galloping Gertie – In 1940, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed.
Belief – In 1837, Elijah Lovejoy was killed as he tried to protect his printing press.
MoMA – In 1929, the art museum opened.
Carl was Stoked – In 1967, Carl Stokes was elected mayor of Cleveland, Ohio.
Gifts From the Heavens – In 1492, the Ensisheim meteorite hit the town.
Emancipation Proclamation – In 1775, Lord Dunmore’s edict was signed.

November 8: Aerial Warfare – In 1950, the first jet-to-jet dogfight took place.
The Bod – In 1602, the main research library at the University of Oxford opened.
173rd Airborne – In 1965, Lawrence Joel attended to wounded soldiers on the ground.
Four – In 1971, Led Zeppelin released another album.
Playing Games – In 1836, the Game of Life went on sale.
Affordable Education – In 1837, Mount Holyoke Female Seminary opened.

November 9: Kristallnacht – In 1939, Nazi Germany began the systematic elimination of the Jews.
Damrell’s Fire – In 1872, the Great Boston Fire took place.
IE Look Out – In 2004, Firefox 1.0 was released.
Papa Was a Rolling Stone – In 1967, Rolling Stone magazine’s first issue was on the stands.
November Witch – In 1913, the Big Blow hit the Great Lakes.
Trail to Freedom – In 1851, Calvin Fairbank was abducted.

November 10: Brought to You by the Letters J and H and the Number 1 – In 1969, Sesame Street came to PBS, bringing along a whole cast of characters.
Winning – In 1928, Notre Dame played Army at Yankee Stadium.
War Criminal – In 1865, Henry Wirz was hanged.
Shut Up – In 2007, two heads of state got into an argument.
Smooth Operators – In 1951, the North American Numbering Plan went into effect.
Semper Fi – In 1775, the USMC was founded.

November 11: The War to End All Wars – In 1918, World War I ended.
This Isn’t the Hudson – In 1620, the Mayflower Compact was signed.
Mum’s the Word – In 1790, chrysanthemums were introduced into England.
Cold – In 1930, Einstein’s refrigerator was patented.
Fun at School – In 1750, the Flat Hat Club formed.
Calculating – In 1675, Lebniz began using integral calculus.

November 12: Thar She Blows – In 1970, a rotting beached whale was removed from an Oregon beach, sorta.
Daring Young Man – In 1859, the first trapeze performance took place.
Terrorist Attack – In 1997, Ramzi Yousef was found guilty of the WTC bombing of 1993.
Found – In 1912, Robert Scott’s frozen body was found.
He Should Have Stuck With Writing – In 1793, Jean Bailly, French politician, died.
SS Vestris – In 1928, the ship sunk.

November 13: Deadliest Natural Disaster of the Twentieth Century – In 1970, the Bhola cyclone hits land.
Meteors – In 1833, the Leonids meteor shower occurred.
Sammy and May – In 1960, the two married.
Rescue – In 1901, the Caister-on-Sea incident took place.
Champions – In 1954, the first Rugby League World Cup championship ended.
Horror in Amityville – In 1974, six people were murdered.

November 14: Nellie Bly – Woman Journalist – In 1889, Nellie Bly left for her trip around the world.
The Big Barbecue – In 1957, a Mafia meeting was held in Apalachin, New York.
Sugar and Spice – In 1997, Reena Virk was murdered.
Crash – In 1970, Southern Airways Flight 932 crashed in West Virginia.
Seeing Red – In 1967, a patent for a laser was given to Theodore Maiman.
The Blitz – In 1940, Coventry, England was bombed.

November 15: The King – In 1956, Love Me Tender, Elvis Presley’s first movie, was released.
Clutter Family – In 1959, Herb and Bonnie Clutter and their two children were murdered.
Where’s the Beef? – In 1969, Dave Thomas founded Wendy’s.
Remember – In 1939, the cornerstone for the Jefferson Memorial was laid.
Professional Football – In 1914, a football player was paid to play.
New Olympics – In 1859, modern games were held in Athens.

November 16: The Fugitive? – In 1966, Dr. Sam Sheppard was finally acquitted of his wife’s 1954 murder.
UNESCO – In 1945, UNESCO was founded.
Wagons, Ho – In 1821, the first Santa Fe trail crossing was completed.
Sentenced – In 1849, Fyodor Dostoevsky was sentenced to death.
The Safe Airline – In 1920, Qantas was founded.
Fleming Valve – In 1904, the valve was invented.

November 17: The Heidi Game – In 1968, NBC didn’t finish the game, leaving a football game in progress to air the previously scheduled movie.
Point Made – In 1970, the computer mouse was patented.
Delta Phi – In 1827, the fraternity was formed.
Anglo-Swedish War – In 1810, war was declared between two non-combatants.
Fourteenth – In 1950, a new Dalai Lama was placed.
Move to District of Columbia – In 1800, both chambers of the US Congress met in Washington, D.C.

November 18: Jonestown – In 1978, a mass suicide takes place in Jonestown, when 913 of Jim Jones’s followers kill themselves.
Great Shot – In 1307, William Tell shot an apple from his son’s head, according to legend.
Steamboat Willie – In 1928, the cartoon featuring Mickey Mouse was released.
Antipope – In 1105, Antipope Sylvester IV claimed the papacy.
New Zealand’s Worst – In 1947, the worst fire in the country broke out.
Just Asking – In 1901, George Gallup was born.

November 19: Synonymous with Failure – In 1959, the Ford Edsel line was discontinued.
Seven – In 1997, the McCaughey septuplets were born.
87 Years Later – In 1863, Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address.
Prestige – In 2002, the Prestige and her cargo sunk.
1000 – In 1969, Pele got his 1000th goal.
Television – In 1954, Télé Monte Carlo was launched.

November 20: What a Yo-Yo – In 1866, the yo-yo was patented.
God, Save the Queen – In 1992, Windsor Castle caught fire.
Sperm Whale’s Revenge – In 1820, the whaling ship Essex was attacked.
Whoops – In 1980, the Lake Peigneur disaster began.
War Crimes – In 1945, the Nuremberg Trials began.
Royal Wedding – In 1947, Elizabeth Windsor married Prince Phillip.

November 21: Missing Link – In 1953, the Piltdown Man was declared a hoax.
North, to Alaska – In 1942, the Alaskan Highway’s completion was celebrated.
Senator Rebecca – In 1922, the first female US Senator took her seat.
Revolting – In 1910, the Revolt of the Lash took place.
Terrorism – In 1974, two Birmingham, England pubs were bombed.
Under the Lights – In 1902, the first night football game was played.

November 22: Blackbeard – In 1718, Blackbeard the Pirate (alias for Edward Teach) was tracked down and killed.
10 – In 1928, Ravel’s Bolero was first performed.
China Clipper – In 1935, airmail service began.
The Ship – In 1869, Cutty Sark was launched.
Humane – In 1954, the Humane Society was founded.
The Beatles – In 1968, the white album was released.

November 23: Healthy Hearts – In 1964, the first coronary bypass graft surgery was performed by Dr. Michael DeBakey.
Censorship – In 1644, John Milton wrote about freedom of the press.
Hijacked – In 1985, EgyptAir Flight 648 was hijacked.
Why Thespians? – In 534 BC, Thespis won an entertainment contest in Athens.
Pretender – In 1499, Perkin Warbeck died.
No Longer Boss – In 1876, Boss Tweed returned to New York under a cloud.

November 24: Little Jamie – in 1993, James Bulger’s murderers were found guilty.
Jump to Nowhere – In 1971, Dan Cooper jumped from a plane and was never seen again.
Wilt the Stilt – In 1960, the basketball player garnered another record.
Alone? – In 1963, Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald.
Originally – In 1859, Origin of the Species by Charles Darwin was published.
Down to Earth Lucy – In 1974, the skeletal remains of Australopithecus was found

November 25: Trapped – In 1952, Agatha Christie’s play, The Mousetrap, was first produced – and it continues live performances to this day.
Striking Hunger – In 1984, Do They Know It’s Christmas was recorded.
Perfect Storm – In 1703, England was ravaged by its worst storm when a hurricane made landfall.
Thankful – In 1926, this Thanksgiving Day spawned several tornadoes.
Plans Gone Awry – In 1120, the White Ship sunk.
10 – In 1947, the Hollywood Ten were blacklisted.

November 26: Instant Camera – In 1948, Polaroid produced an instant picture camera, first sold on this day.
Puck You – In 1917, the National Hockey League was founded.
KV62 – In 1922, Howard Carter opened King Tut’s tomb.
Water – In 1805, the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct opened.
We Interrupt This Program – In 1977, the Southern Television broadcast was interrupted by an “alien”.
Gold Rush – In 1983, the Brink’s MAT robbery took place.

November 27: First Crusade – In 1095, Pope Urban II called for European princes to rescue the Holy Lands from desecration by the infidels.
No Twinkies – In 1978, Harvey Milk and George Moscone were murdered.
Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics – In 1839, the American Statistical Association was formed.
Hung – In 1835, the last executions for homosexuality in England took place at Newgate Prison.
Celebrate – In 1924, Macy’s held its first Thanksgiving Parade.
Practical Joker – In 1810, the Berners Street hoax took place.

November 28: The Pitch Experiment – In 2000, the eighth drop in the 73 year old Pitch Experiment dropped.
Night Life & Death – In 1942, the Cocoanut Grove burned.
Hot Off the Presses – In 1814, The London Times was printed using a steam operated press.
Attack – In 2002, the Mombasa attacks took place in Kenya.
There Goes the Groom – In 1528, William Shakespeare was given a marriage license.
College for the Promoting of Physico-Mathematical Experimental Learning – In 1660, the Royal Society was formed.

November 29: Warren Commission formed – In 1963, the Warren Commission was formed to investigate President Kennedy’s assassination.
Phonetic – In 1877, Thomas Edison demonstrated his phonograph.
Zong – In 1781, the Zong Massacre took place.
Going South – In 1929, the first fly-over of the South Pole occurred.
Video Games – In 1972, Pong came out.
A Fix – In 1944, surgery to correct blue baby syndrome was first performed.

November 30: I’ll Take Television for $200, Alex – In 2004, Ken Jennings finally lost at Jeopardy! after winning over $2.5 million.
100 Miles Per Hour – In 1934, the Flying Scotsman reached a speed of 100 mph.
Lucy – In 1974, Australopithecus was discovered.
Penal Reform – In 1786, the death penalty was outlawed for the first time.
Crystal Palace – In 1936, the palace burned to the ground.
Eclipse – In 3340 BC, an eclipse was recorded, the earliest known record.

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