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Row, Row, Row your Boat » 23 Woolwich Ferry (old)

An old Woolwich Ferry

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  1. brian steward said, on January 19, 2014 at 3:57 pm

    I remember riding on the old Woolwich paddle-steamers as a kid, back and forth just for the fun of it, and peering into the bowels of the ship’s heart (engine room) from the observation windows below deck.
    I was always amazed at the huge polished steel shafts that slowly did an elliptical rotate as it turned the paddle-wheels on the exterior of the hull. Equally amazing was the stoker as he sweatily shoveled in coal to the engine’s furnace. Alas that was another era……old technology that once gave some of us immeasurable pleasure.
    I’ve tried to find photo scenes of the steam engines that propelled these old ferries, but to no avail, plenty of the ferryboats themselves. Any idea where they could be found?

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